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Learn how to build a strong foundation for your success







For many artists, being "indie" represents confusion and overwhelm. You might feel lost and in a moment of great uncertainty. You might feel that the music industry is changing and not know what you can do to walk a step forward.


Now, ask yourself: "If I had a blueprint to guide my steps, would I feel more comfortable?"

Like any other people in business, music artists today can't afford to wait around to get discovered. They need to get organised and start making it happen for themselves. The good news is that today's indie musicians and bands can set their own path and use opportunities they did not have before.


They can tap into multiple revenue streams and build a small but sustainable business by connecting and interacting directly 24/7/365 with an audience that loves and supports their music.


Learning how to model your business and promote your music and brand to people who love who you are and what you do is not an option anymore. You need to become talented in non-musical activities too, and build strong relationships.  

Like thousands of other artists and small entrepreneurs, you can become the CEO of your own career!


In the past, artists were the products of labels and music companies. They had some creative freedom, but no much more. Today, thanks to the internet, you have many more opportunities. 

The last thing you want to do is to miss them because you did not know what to do and how to do it. 


I created the MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT to answer questions that you might have when it comes to designing and building the foundations for a grassroots strategy that could work for you. It is not a magic bullet, but it has already helped various artists who needed guidance, and a little "push".  

"Eric is listening to you like no one.

He is very professional and authentic.

Thanks to his guidance, we have been able to perform at some

of the major festivals in Europe,

and are now nurturing our fan-base,

and building fruitful relationships

with our audience."

Luca Bassanese, Italy

If you want to know more continue reading. 



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My name is Eric. I am not someone who used to be in the music industry. I worked for 25 years as a capacity builder, eco-social project designer, and grant writer/fundraiser for grassroots organizations, local communities, and NGOs in various parts of the world, including Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, and eventually Indonesia and Brazil. I also had a passion for cultural diversity. This is what brought me to music.


At the beginning of the 1980s, I started my first live music club for ethnic minorities in Paris. Most of them were  looking for places where to express their musical, artistic, and cultural heritage and creativity. Later, I worked with Indigenous artists from Quebec. Soon I realized that I could help other music artists walking their own path.


In 2005, while living in Finland, I worked as a cultural producer, and in 2007, I set up Music4You to offer PR and booking services to various artists and bands of world, folk, and roots music.


As you know, a music career is not a sprint. It usually looks more like a marathon, and there is much work to put on. Most of it can be done by the artist. However, deciding to work with a coach can ease the way.  


I am of the idea that artists should control their career, and make the best decisions for the people who love their creative talents. At the same time, they must earn enough money to pay their bills at the end of the month.


Being successful with your craft is more than a DIY (do-it-yourself) job. You need to build relationships and make them working for you in a way where we can all enjoy the journey.


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 I started this course to help the artists I am collaborating with use the pandemic to strengthen their business foundations.


Who could imagine months ago that the pandemic would deprive for an unlimited lapse of time artists from one of their primary sources of income: live music?


The pandemic changed the way how independent artists see the future. They can not depend exclusively on live music. They need to tap into multiple revenue streams, and they need to build a supportive community around them to work as a "safety net".


After March 2020, artists who had not fully or partially embraced the digital revolution were suddenly put aside. Locked down at home, they could not market and sell products nor services.


The truth is that people are increasingly connected and mirrored into a virtual space. Nobody can ignore the impact of digital technology and artificial intelligence in our daily life. We may like it or not, the World Wide web is a playground where artists need to be too.


I had myself to figure out what to do next when the pandemic started. I could not sell concerts anymore. Soon, some of my artists began to call me. Most were looking for a blueprint to grow their presence online and engage with their audiece.


Billions of people are online continuously and can be reached 24/7. As an artist, you now hold all the power to write music that you love, to record it the way you want, to find your audience online, and to promote, market, and sell your music and merch to the people who like it.

Sadly, many artists never take the time to map and model their operations in a visual way, leading to a lack of understanding of their own business, and missing opportunities. Design thinking and business process modeling can be crucial to help identify the areas you need to improve. This is where the musician business starts. 

This course is about identifying those areas and defining the work to put on to "plug the leaks". 

By better defining your identity and building a strong foundation for your projects and operations,  you will make a difference. 

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The music industry is not the same as it was twenty, or even five years ago. Today, artists can run their careers, much like entrepreneurs run a startup company. In the past, musicians were products of record labels. Today, you can become your own boss.


There is a whole movement of artists, professionals, creators, managers, festival director, and players of the cultural industries joining forces together to build the future of independent music. If you are reading these words, you might love to be part of it.

This e-course could help you design a personal brand and business model that works for you.

Welcome to the club! 




With the course:


1. You will learn how to convey the real value of your music and personal brand to people. For each module, reading material will be available for you on the course’s website. It will help you develop the mindset it takes to plan, build, and grow your strategy.


2. Through the home-works, you will answer some questions that will help you produce ideas, identify your strengths and weaknesses, define SMART objectives and working packages, and make decisions.


3. You will get access to additional resources from experienced artists and professionals to inspire you.



At the end of the course, you'll know:


1 – Why making good music is not enough 

2 – How to define your target audience (s)

3 – How to build a strong brand

4 – How to go online

5 – How to design your marketing mix 

6 – How to model your business



You can complete the course in 6 to 8 weeks, but you will be able to take the course at your own pace. I advise you to go through a new module only after the completion of the previous one for better results.



Contact me for a price quote and payment details.


The object of your message should be: "Mab1 - Registration" - If you want to add something about yourself/your project(s) in the core message, feel free to do it. 


The basic service allows you to access a download area with six modules. I will give you the password once your payment is made, and send you the due invoice. 

I can also provide additional coaching services (through video chats) for a very competitive fee. 

Hearing from you soon!



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With the course,  we've been able to start meeting our fans internationally, improve our visibility, and made more professional connections. New doors opened! 


Thanks to the course, we are slowly getting back on the tracks!


After years in the business, I finally  found something that works even for micro-niches.

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