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Luca Bassanese is without question one of the main characters of the new committed Italian popular music.

A fusion between Goran Bregovic and Manu Chao, with a Fellini-inspired spirit, Luca  is slowly emerging as a musical  hero to be watched.

With 11 albums under his shoulders, the minstrel, poet, singer-songwriter, and environmental activist has acquired the status of a romantic warrior for his lyrics that treat important comtemporary social  issues.

Luca grew up listening to Fabrizo de André and the great Italian and international folk singer-songwriters of the 1970s. Enlivened by the powerful folklore of both sides of the Adriatic, he then created his own brew. His cocktail of poetry, love stories infused with Italian folk music, transalpine tarantellas and Balkan hints of brass will put you in a good mood and take you to a fantasy world. Luca's shows are Circassian, ruffling and full of positive energy.

Luca has already won several honorary awards in Italy. He has collaborated with artists from various fields and countries, including the Original Kocani Orkestar of Macedonia, the Berber artist Bachir Charaf (nicknamed The Voice of the Desert), the satirical artist Antonio Cornacchione, and the playwright, actor and Nobel Prize Dario Fo, to name a few.

Abroad, Luca has received standing ovations in France, BeneluxSwitzerland and Hungary, demonstrating that his performances are accessible to people of all ages, creeds and backgrounds, and non only to Italians.  

His new studio album is out now. (Oct. 2019). 



Luca Bassanese  - La Piccola Orchestra Popolare

Luca Bassanese (Lead vocal, Bass drum) | Stefano Florio (guitars, bouzouki, effects, vocals) |  Domenico De Nichilo (tube, trombone) | Paolo Cecchin (bass, vocals) | Massimo Tuzza (drums) |Elodie Lebigre (dance, vocals, small percussion )

Luca Bassanese  - Canto Mediterraneo

Luca Bassanese (Lead vocal, Bass drum) | Stefano Florio (guitars, bouzouki, effects, vocals) |  Elodie Lebigre (dance, vocals, small percussion ) + special guest (s)

' Standing ovation for the minstrel, activist, poet and musician Luca Bassanese, who slays austerity by summoning Trans-alpine fanfares and tarantellas in a grand Fellini operetta, in a style that is both musical and theatrical. For all ages and creeds.'' 

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