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Hello I'm Eric

Music4You is a fair destination for musical exploration and discovery.


Because we believe in the power of music and its ability to touch lives and bring people together, we support artists of world, folk, roots, and jazz music in the development of their careers. We are working hard to help them build their capacity, promote their music internationally, find concert dates and create their ‘niche’.


We also offer promotion, marketing, consulting and export guidance services (Europe, Canada) to various agencies.

More than a business, music is our passion

We are based in Sicily, and speak French, Italian, and English. 

  • Over 20 years of experience as a consultant, project manager, and grant writer for eco-social projects (Europe, The Balkans, The Mediterranean, West Africa, Indonesia, and Brasil).

  • Over 15 years of experience as a booking agent for emerging artists.

  • Expert world/folk music advisor, coach, and mentor for artists in their startup and discovery stage.

  • Extensive involvement in all levels of relationship building, networking, and promotion. 

  • Strong focus on design thinking, brand identity, and business modelling. approaches.

  • Proven interest with Community Supported Music, and Music Export (Europe, Canada).

  • A facilitator and trainer for various projects (Creative Europe, MOST, etc.)

  • A board member of the European Folk Network, and a member of the European Folk Day. coordination team

  • A Womexican.


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The Womexicans series



Since 1982, Eric is dedicating most of his time to the propagation and celebration of world, folk, and roots music. His commitment is not just professional but deeply personal, fueled by his passion for music, cultural diversity, and Peace.

However, it was not until the dawn of the new millennium that he had an epiphany, leading to the creation of his own personal brand, MUSIC4YOU. This venture was much more than a business; it was a platform built to nurture and support unsigned artists, aiding them in taking their career a step further.

Utilising his extensive network of contacts, Eric has been instrumental in helping these artists navigate the often complex and challenging landscape of the music industry. With MUSIC4YOU, he continues to use his passion and connections to uplift artists and bring their music to the world.

Venues – Festivals - Organisations:

Terre Nouvelle (New earth Festival, Paris, France) – Nouvelle Lune (New Moon Live Club, Paris, France) – Faces Festival, Forces of Light, european Peoples' Festival  (Finland) – Caravan of Solidarity (8 Mediterranean Countries) – Ecolandia (Italy) - Darshan (Italy) - Italian World Beat (Italy) – Sona World (Italy) – European Folk Network / European Folk Day (Europe) - MOST Music (Balkans)



Nagwetch & Wabanag (CA) - Myllarit (RU) – Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat (RU) – Iva Nova (RU) – Galaxy (SEN) – Ndiobass & Topoto Band (SEN) – Jason Carter (UK) – Mir0 (FI) - Tsuumi Sound System (FI) – Nordic (SE) - Johanna Juhola (FI) – Kardemimit (FI) – Jaako Laitinen & Väärä Raha (FI) – Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble (FI – Benin) – Gabacho Maroc (MA-FR) – Agricantus (IT) – Re Niliu (IT) – Oi Dipnoi (IT) – WOR (BE) – Alekos Vretos (GR) – Xena Tango (IT) – The Sicilian Jazz Project (CA) – Les Poules à Colin (CA -QC) – De Temps Antan (CA-QC) – Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare (IT) – Northern Resonance (SE) –  Kinnaris Quintet (UK)

"A very reliable partner and an experienced project manager,

passionate about international cooperation and community development,

able to lead a multi-cultural team and to maximize community resources for the benefit of all."



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