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The MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT, our exciting 6-module coaching curriculum, centers around crucial elements that lay the groundwork for effective self-promotion and business launch mindset.


We emphasize innovative design thinking and dynamic business modeling as we guide artists on their journey.


During the program:

  • We’ll offer you experienced guidance & help you on the way.

  • You’ll do the work & test proven pathways.

  • Together, we'll evaluate the outcomes and discover what's effective for you.


Upon completing the program:


You'll gain insights into:


  1.  Understanding the mechanics of modern marketing

  2.  Locating your target audience

  3.  Developing your unique brand identity

  4.  Interacting with your fans effectively

  5.  Defining your marketing mix

  6.  Designing a business model canvas


Throughout the program:


  1. For every module, you'll go through a dedicated Chapter of the eBook that illustrates the steps to be taken to build the foundation of your promotion and income strategy

  2. Through homework assignments, you'll respond to questions that spark creative ideas, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, set SMART goals and actionable work packages, and guide decision-making.

  3. You'll be given access to valuable resources from seasoned artists and professionals for inspiration.


This is an action-learning program to help you discover and communicate the true essence of your music and personal brand effectively, and start building a community of loyal fans to support your efforts.  

As your dedicated coach, I'll personally guide you through each module (one per week), ensuring you grasp key concepts and empowering you to ask questions along the way.



Spring Edition 2024



Read Author's Note

Eric E. van Monckhoven

Many experts are expecting the global economy to  WORSEN in 2024 - not get better. This means that if you're in business at all --- music or otherwise --- you must, more than ever before, strengthen your FOUNDATIONS by focusing on the following:

Build a Strong Online -Presence

To help people find you


Reinforce your Brand Identity and Storytelling

To engage attract, engage with, and give value to your audience

Revamp your Website and E-shop

To ease the customer journey so that they buy and continue to buy your products and services

Increase your Mailing List

To keep people in the loop and monetise

Make sure all your Music & Art Works are properly registered

To collect all your royalties

These are the things you should really focus on.

It will require increasing your non-musical skills.


The MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT is meant to help you guide your efforts on this journey.

Weekly tips on Substack



Tell me about you, your preoject, your most pressing questions. We'll schedule a call! 



With Eric's support,  we've been able to start meeting our fans internationally, improve our visibility, and made more professional connections.

New doors opened! 


Thanks to Eric,  we are slowly getting a clear vision on what steps to be taken in order to get bac on our feet.

'O Rom


After years, I finally  found something clear, understandable, and actionable. 


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