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With a passion for music and cultural diversity, our goal is to get your project to the next level by offering PR & marketing services in line withyour needs. 


Since 1982 and for two decades Eric E. van Monckhoven has worked in various voluntary capacities as cultural producer for events and artists of world, folk and roots music. Then he started MUSIC4YOU using his passion and large network of contacts to help the artists he is collaborating with walk a step forward.

Venues – Festivals - Organizations:

Terre Nouvelle (New earth Festival, Paris, France) – Nouvelle Lune (New Moon Live Club, Paris, France) – Faces Festival (Finland) – European People’s Festival (Finland) – Festival of Lights (Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia) - Caravan of Solidarity (8 Mediterranean Countries) – Ecolandia (Italy) - Italian World Beat (Italy) – It-Folk (Italy) – European Folk Network (Europe)



Nagwetch & Wabanag (CA) - Myllarit (RU) – Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat (RU) – Iva Nova (RU) – Galaxy (SEN) – Ndiobass & Topoto Band (SEN) – Jason Carter (UK) – Mir0 (FI) - Tsuumi Sound System (FI) – Nordic (SE) - Johanna Juhola (FI) – Kardemimit (FI) – Jaako Laitinen & Väärä Raha (FI) – Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble (FI – Benin) – Gabacho Maroc (MA-FR) – Agricantus (IT) – Re Niliu (IT) – Oi Dipnoi (IT) – WOR (BE) – Alekos Vretos (GR) – Xena Tango (IT) – The Sicilian Jazz Project (CA) – Les Poules à Colin (CA -QC) – De Temps Antan (CA-QC) – Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare (IT) – La Cumbia Chicharra (FR) – Northern Resonance (SE) – Nadjiwan (CA) - etc.



 What P.R. services do MUSIC4YOU offer?

Our services include public relations campaigns for artists in the world, folk, roots (and sometimes jazz) genres, especially to those who are releasing new albums, or looking for gig opportunities.

We also work with agencies or labels who look for temporary assistance. 

  • Biography, Press Release, EPK:

We can write your new bio (French, Italian, English), build your EPK and host it on our website.

See a sample here.

  • New album:

We can help you promote your new releases to the Transglobal World Music Chart and World Music Charts Europe, and get reviews by journalists, influencers, etc.

  • Festivals:

We can help you promote your live performances to world and folk music festivals in Europe and Canada.

  • Professional conferences:

We can represent you at professional conferences and showcase festivals in Europe (Womex, Fira Mediterrania, Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic, Folkelarm, Mama Festival, Babel Music, etc.)

  • Your Music in China

You can benefit of a discount rate of 20% on P.R. services offered by Music Info – the only agency in Europe specialized 100% on the Chinese music market.

Do you work with independent artists on limited budgets?

Yes, in most cases. We offer affordable basic PR packages.

What are your rates?

Our fees are very competitive. Please contact us for a quote.


"A very reliable partner and an experienced project manager, passionate about international cooperation and community development, able to lead a multi-cultural team and to maximize community resources for the benefit of all."




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