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We help independent artists build strong

foundations for their success

 business modelling   branding strategy   design thinking 



At MUSIC4YOU, we are committed to encouraging world, folk, roots music artists to build strong foundations to grow their career.

If you are an artist/band in the startup stage, you need strong foundations to build a sustainable career and make your name out there.  Discovery readiness requires special attention as the music industry is a very competitive one with thousands of new artists/bands popping-up every week.


The MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT, our exciting 6-module coaching & training program, reflects our commitment to help you build the foundational pillars of your success, and guide you in the design and planning stages.  

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Image by Ryan Ancill
We believe there has never been a better time to live from your craft
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Looking for a speaker, mentor, or coordinator for one of your conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings, briefings, or side events for artists?  

Topics I regularly teach and talk about (French, Italiano English) include:

. The origin and mechanics of the world/folk music sector. 

• How the DIY musician/artist business works – and how grassroots strategies fit in the discovery and startup stages of an artist's career. 

• How DIY musicians/artists go about building incomes around their music-making – and the business partners they will work with along the way.

• Why design thinking and business modelling are important for DIY musicians/artists.

. What is the business model canvas and how DIY musicians/artists can use it to get clarity on their career objectives.

To discuss possible teaching or training projects related to any of these topics, or receive a sample of public presentation,  just drop me an email  

Events and projects, I have been part of in 2022:

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