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Join the program:

The MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT is a dynamic 6-week coaching curriculum designed to empower emerging artists with the essential tools for effective self-promotion, discovery readiness, and music project launch.

During the program:

  • You’ll read the various chapters, do the work & test proven pathways.

  • I'll offer you experienced guidance & help you on the way.

  • Together, we'll evaluate the outcomes and discover what's effective for you.


Upon completing the program:


You'll gain insights into:


  1.  Understanding the mechanics of the music industry

  2.  Locating your target audience

  3.  Developing your unique brand identity

  4.  Creating an engaging storytelling

  5.  Articulating your marketing mix

  6.  Designing business model canvasses 


Throughout the program:


  1. Every module will fuel your mind with innovative ways to look at yourselves and the music ecosystem, and help you cultivate a strategic mindset for planning, building, and growing your career.

  2. Through homework assignments, you'll respond to questions that spark creative ideas, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, set SMART goals and actionable work packages, and guide decision-making.

  3. You'll be given access to valuable resources from seasoned artists and professionals for inspiration.


This is an action-learning program to help you discover and communicate the true essence of your music and personal brand effectively, and start building a community of loyal fans to support your efforts.  

As your dedicated coach, I'll personally guide you through each of the 6 chapters (one per week), ensuring you grasp key concepts and empowering you to ask questions along the way.

In Brief:


This comprehensive six-week coaching program includes:

  • Your complimentary copy of the E-book, providing valuable insights and strategies.

  • Engaging homework assignments and challenges to reinforce your learning.

  • Access to a curated selection of useful links and additional resources to further enhance your understanding.

  • A weekly online 1 x 1 session (40 minutes) with me to address your questions and provide personalised guidance.

​Interested? Want more information? Wish to schedule a Call?


Seats (199 euro) for this exclusive program are limited, but don't worry - you can secure your spot by joining our waiting list.


For many artists in the startup or discovery stage, being "indie" often represents confusion and overwhelm. You might feel lost and uncertain. You might feel that the music industry is changing and not know what you can do to walk a step forward.

Now, ask yourself: "If I had a blueprint to guide my steps, would I feel more comfortable?"

Like any other people in business, music artists today can't afford to wait around to get discovered. They need to get organised and start making it happen for themselves. The good news is that today's indie musicians and bands can set their own path and use opportunities they did not have before.

Like thousands of other artists, you can become the CEO of your own career! 


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