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Learn how to build a strong foundation for your success





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Join the program:

The MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT, our exciting 6-module coaching curriculum, centers around crucial elements that lay the groundwork for effective self-promotion and business launch mindset.



On your own and without guidance (discount price) , you can complete the MUSIC ARTIST BLUEPRINT in 6 to 8 weeks. You can also take it at a slower pace.​

I advise you to go through a new module only after the completion of the previous one for better results.

1 x 1 sessions

You can also access it as a coaching program, with me as your coach.

You'll get more results and be able to ask questions. We'll meet regularly online, at least one time (40 minutes) by module.  

A good timing could be 1 module = 1 month. This will not require you more than 2 to 4 hours week. 


The basic service allows you to access a download area with the material organised by thematic areas. I will give you the password once your registration is completed. 

For any further details, or to register and receive a price quote, contact me


Read the background story


For many artists in the startup or discovery stage, being "indie" often represents confusion and overwhelm. You might feel lost and uncertain. You might feel that the music industry is changing and not know what you can do to walk a step forward.

Now, ask yourself: "If I had a blueprint to guide my steps, would I feel more comfortable?"

Like any other people in business, music artists today can't afford to wait around to get discovered. They need to get organised and start making it happen for themselves. The good news is that today's indie musicians and bands can set their own path and use opportunities they did not have before.

Like thousands of other artists, you can become the CEO of your own career! 


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