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Tsuumi Sound System is one of Finland’s internationally most notable modern folk music bands. They started in the 1990's as a support band for the dance group Tsuumi with whom they continue to collaborate from time to time. 


Rooted in Nordic folk traditions and innovative modern ideas, this seven-piece ensemble draws their strength from various influences. Fiona Talkington of BBC-Songlines describes them as "A dangerously addictive rollercoaster ride through Finnish folk, jazz, heart-wrenching ballad and unstoppable dance music, with a little Balkan edge" . The band is known for their intense live performances. 

Over the years, Tsuumi Sound System’s shows have gained wide popularity  from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean and from the UK to the USA. They have also featured a live session on BBC’s World on 3 at Maida Vale Studios in London, and received various awards for their albums.

Since 2007, the band has released three albums: Floating Letters (2013), Growing Up (2009) and Hotas (2007). All these albums were co-produced by Swedish guitar-legend Roger Tallroth from Väsen, and have received bold reviews in the folk music circuits.


Twelve of TSS original songs have been re-arranged to be played together with orchestra. In this prospect, the band has collaborated with Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. 
Concerts in Bremen have been sold out.

Their new album Blinking Light is out now .

Hannu Kella (Accordion) | Jani Kivelä (Guitars) | Joakim Berghäll (Saxphones, percussion) | Jussi Nikula (Drums, percussion) | Pilvi Jarvela (Piano, harmonium) | Tarmo Anttila (Double bass) | Tero Hyväluoma  (Fiddle)

'I cannot imagine them getting any more tighter or more exciting. The energy is all there, plus an excellent combination of Finnish fiddle music with a rock steady rhythm section.'

Michal Shapiro 

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Blinking Light